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Cuckolds, Hot Wives welcome #1 #100bigtits 15 users Connect more info.
Sort the channels by the number of users and then search for a topic.
Fserves welcomed with Ops approval type!servers to receive a list of fservers 18 Only!Anyway, heres a network full of (mainly European) addicts.Our aim is to help improve the communicative and collaborative skills of our participants and to maintain a friendly, efficient environment for project coordination and technical support.Our purpose is just to get you going by providing important links and information for some selected nets, so that you can quickly compare them or get their home page, server list, etc.#India : Unity in Diversity.By connecting to any of the servers on a particular network, you will see the same channels and people.#1947 11 users Connect more info.Welcome to #0!humiliate_a_sub enjoy your stay and be respectful to others.Some IRC networks last for many years, while others disappear after a few months.#georgia You gotta park your ass for a little bit and give me a chance to reply *laff* #india 4 users.#0!bifem-dogsex 1 users Connect more info.#0!humiliate_a_sub 20 users Connect more info.Many of the most popular channels are national channels, devoted to the social gathering of people from Europe and Japan.8 users Connect more info.Please go to the main channel, #mom daughtersex.Enter The Game Server Locations : US, Europe, Austrailia Services : Yes, ChanServ Support Channels : N/A Information : Founded in early 1999 to offer Video Gaming Enthusiasts a better place to gather and chat, setup matches, and meet new and friendly people on-line.Popular IRC Networks, the number of IRC networks is changing all the time, as networks are constantly being created and destroyed.These nets have lots of fun chat but also an abundance of the dark side of IRC: illegal file trading, lag, splits, ad spams, pornography, trojan/virus infections, denial of service attacks, etc.
Support for its services is extensive.
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Undernet Server Locations : Europe, US, Canada Services : Yes, The Undernet Channel Service Committee ( CSC ) Support Channels : #cservice Information : Stable and highly organized network which pioneered features now commonplace on other networks.
Aniverse, server Locations : N/A, services : N/A, support Channels : N/A, information : Aniverse Networks is attempting to become the largest Anime web portal in existance.
For those that have them those that love them.