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Sex smells mushrooms

All of the 20 men tested considered the smell disgusting.
It is thought that the mushrooms produce the potent smells in order to free trial chat lines in oklahoma reproduce.This specific branch of the fungus family has long been considered to possess special powers.An as yet unnamed species of bright orange mushroom that grows on volcanic slopes has long been rumoured to possess potent properties.Issn ml, okay, great, so this fungi is the real deal; great news for women the world over, but how can that be applied as a solution to the problems of the earth?By: Rayne Grant, advertisements.Upon finding it, they inhale the aroma; the scent of which causes pronounced sexual arousal, often orgasmic in nature! According to the authors, the results suggest that the hormone-like compounds present in the volatile portion of the gleba may have some similarity to human neurotransmitters released in females during sexual activity.The fungus, which appears to only grow on Hawaiian lava flows that are between 600 and 1,000 years old, can apparently induce spontaneous orgasms in women when they smell.Interested to find out whether it lived up to its reputation, the two conducted a test on volunteers.Legend of the Mamalu o Wahine (Womens Mushroom).They published their findings in the International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms, and said the bright orange fungus has a reputation as a "potent female aphrodisiac when smelled.".In the Hawaiian Islands, the high islands of Polynesia, the islands of Samoa, Tahiti, Rarotonga, and the Marquesas.The mushroom's "fetid" smell didn't seem to have the same effect on the male test subjects, however.The two hypothesised that the hormone-like compounds presents in the fungus's spores may be similar to the human neurotransmitters released during sexual encounters.In Chinese medicine the fungi has been used to treat many inflammatory, gastric, and neural diseases.The study used the species found in Hawaii, not the variety cultivated in China.
Dictyophora indusiata, emits an unpleasant smell similar to faeces.